Audi V6 TDi Swirl Flap Repair, Specialised Servicing

A well know problem with all audi V6 Tdi engines in the swirl intake motors at the rear of the engine.

The link rods come adrift and these need to be replaced using a modified rod and bottom connector. There are two fitted to these vehicles one per side and sometimes only one needs replacing, but we recommend both are done at the same time.

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These are a very expensive repair from your local Audi Dealership as the rods are not available and the only repair is to fit a complete air intake assembly.

We have done some extensive research and trails in the repair of the swirl flaps on the V6 TDi engines and had a small amount fail due to the swirl flap assembly being worn, we now offer an repair service on the manifolds and can guarantee this items for 24 months.

We upgrade and strengthened the manifolds so the problem will be erased.

The cost of new ones from Audi can cost in excess of £1600.00.

The cost of the repair is £695 for both bank 1 and bank 2 manifolds.

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