FSI engine problems service for your Audi, VW, SEAT or Skoda, from £99.99

With FSI technology, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. The injector regulates the amount of fuel with millisecond precision at injection pressures of between 30 and 110 bar. During the injection process, the evaporating fuel has a significant cooling effect on the cylinder charge. This contributes to improved cylinder charging and enhanced engine output. The cooling effect also helps reduce the engine’s tendency to knock. This reduction means that the compression ratio of FSI engines can be set considerably higher than for engines with conventional injection systems.


The engines of the FSI family are fitted with a two-stage variable intake manifold. The power mode (short duct length) contributes to the high specific power output of the engines at high engine speeds. At low revs, the long duct length setting is selected increasing the maximum torque by more than 15%.

With the aid of a flap system in the intake duct, the in-cylinder flow can be optimally adjusted. In part-load operation, a strong flow ensures low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. At full load, the air is drawn in with minimal losses, meaning that torque and output are increased.

FSI engine header

But the problem is the fuel can build up on the valves causing a misfire or bad running on certain cylinders.

VAGBOLTON have a cure for this and we can chemically clean your valves without the need for removing the cylinder Head.

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This service is from £99.99

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