AdBlue System Faults

AdBlue is a brand name used by the German Association of Automobile Industry. The AdBlue system is fitted to VAG group TDI vehicles (so diesel models of the VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda range). The AdBlue system is designed to reduce harmful levels of nitrogen oxide emissions. The system reduces NOX emissions by 95%, so the AdBlue system is very effective.

AdBlue System Faults

Some drives of AdBlue cars and vans are now experiencing AdBlue system faults. A dashboard error states that there is a AdBlue system fault, with a warning that the fault must be repaired within 600miles (1000KM), or the engine will not restart.

Example photo of AdBlue system fault:

Examples of VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda AdBlue System Faults

To remedy this AdBlue fault there are a number of repair options available including software updates, repairs to wiring faults or the replacement of AdBlue system components (pump, metering and/or control units).

Not repairing AdBlue system faults will ultimately lead to the vehicle breaking down and having to be recovered. AdBlue system faults will also cause an MOT failure.

Please contact VAG Bolton as soon as possible should you see the AdBlue system fault message on your vehicles dashboard.

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